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  • Question: What is wrong with the tone of the following letter to a prospective employer? To Whom It May Concern: I totally need this job you advertised in the Sunday paper. I've got some experience, and I'll work hard to make it at your company. I promise that I'll prove myself. If you just give me a chance, you'll never regret it. From, Thomas Centers Choose the revision that is most likely to earn the job applicant an interview.
  • Answers:
  1. Dear Dr. Smithers: I am very interested in the job you posted on the biomedical sciences bulletin board. Both my summer job with Dr. Winters and my internship with Dr. Townsend have afforded me quite a bit of experience working in the lab. Enclosed you will find my résumé. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing my qualifications for the position. Sincerely, Thomas Centers
  2. Dr. Smithers, If you want to see my résumé, I will send it immediately. I look forward to interviewing later this week. You can talk to Dr. Winters if you need any further information about me. Sincerely, Thomas Centers
  3. Dear Dr. Smithers: I really am interested in the job you posted. Here is my résumé. I can have Dr. Winters call you if you want more information about me. Just let me know. I look forward to interviewing with you. Sincerely, Thomas Centers
  4. None of the above

The correct answer is: A

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